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Glycerol, Kollisolv G 85/G 99

Former Name: Speziol G 86% PF / G 99% PF
Kollisolv G85: Ph.Eur.: Glycerol 85 per cent
Kollisolv G99: Ph.Eur.: Glycerol
  NF: Glycerin
CAS №: 56-81-5
Manufacturer: BASF

Glycerin is used in a wide variety of farmaceutical formulations including oral, otic, ophthalmilmic, topical, parenteral preparations.

In topical pharmaceutical formulations and cosmetics, glycerin is used primarily for its humectant and emollient properties.

Glycerin ias used as a solvent  or cosolvent in creams and emusions. Glycerin is additionally used in aqueus and nonaqueous gels and also as an additive in patch applications. In parenteral formulations, glycerin is used as a solvent and cosolvent.

In oral solutions, glycerin is used as solvent, sweetening agent, antimicrobial preservative, and viscosity-increasing agent. It is also used as a plastisizer in and in film coatings.

Glycerin is used a plastisizer of gelatin in the production of soft-gelatin capsules and gelatin suppositories.

Glycerin is employed as a therapeutic agent in a variety of clinical applications, and is also used as a food additive.