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Magnesia 4371

Trademark: Magnesia 4371
Talc, USP-NF, PhEur, JP 
Purified Talc, BP 
CAS : 14807-96-6
Manufacturer : Magnesia

Talc was once widely used in oral solid dosage formulations as a lubricant and diluent. However, it is widely used as a dissolution retardant in the development of controlled-release products. Talc is also used as a lubricant in tablet formulations; in a novel powder coating for extended-release pellets; and as an adsorbant. In topical preparations, talc is used as a dusting powder, although it should not be used to dust surgical gloves. Talc is a natural material; it may therefore frequently contain microorganisms and should be sterilized when used as a dusting powder.
Talc is additionally used to clarify liquids and is also used in cosmetics and food products, mainly for its lubricant properties.

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