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CAS :  
D-Mannitol   69-65-8
Crospovidone 9003-39-08
Polyvinyl acetate 8003-20-7
Povidone 9003-39-8
Manufacturer: BASF

Ludiflash is a co-processed excipient formulation designed to achieve reliable quick disintegration with an outstanding, creamy mouthfeel of your ODT.

Orally disintegrating tablets (ODT) are an innovative solid oral dosage form that is becoming more and more important in the pharmaceutical market, both for prescription and over-the-counter medications. In contrast to classical tablets, ODTs are specifically designed to disintegrate directly in the patient's mouth.The disintegrated tablet can then be swallowed easily without any resistance. This type of application offers significant advantages in order to overcome certain weaknesses of classical solid oral dosage forms: 

Patient compliance is increased due to ODT superior easy way of administration.

Especially for elderly patients and children this opens up a much more convenient medication option.

ODTs are an on-the-go dosage form, which can be taken without water. This is also of importance where only water of questionable quality is available.

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