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ollicoat IR Colored Coating Systems

Kollicoat® IR Colored Coating  Systems

Create Your Own Colors

Kollicoat® IR Coating Systems are ready-to-use colored coating materials based on Kollicoat IR (polyvinyl alcohol polyethylene glycol graft copolymer). This innovative product line consists of five individual colored components, completed by a black and a white material:
Kollicoat IR Brilliant Blue, Kollicoat IR Carmine, Kollicoat IR Sunset Yellow, Kollicoat IR Red, Kollicoat IR Yellow, Kollicoat IR Black, Kollicoat IR White II.
These seven base colors can be combined to create hundreds of different shades. In addition, faster and more straightforward production processes enable energy costs and carbon emissions to be reduced.
Kollicoat IR has been approved as a coating material for drug products in the US, the EU, in Japan and in several other countries all over the world.
Kollicoat IR monographs are published in Ph.Eur. entitled “Macrogol Poly(vinyl alcohol) Grafted Copolymer” and USP entitled “Ethylene Glycol and Vinyl Alcohol Graft Copolymer”.

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