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Kollidon 25

Povidone, Ph. Eur., USP/NF., JPE
CAS : 9003-39-8
Manufacturer BASF

The soluble Kollidon grades are particularly suitable for wet granulation processes in concentration of 1 to 5%, or with solution of binder or solvent (e.g. water). Kollidon® 25 and Kollidon® 30 can also be used in tabletting processes at concentrations comparable to concentration in wet granulation processes. All varieties of soluble Kollidon (Kollidon®) are also used in ophthalmic preparations. Kollidon® 17 PF, Kollidon® 25 and Kollidon® 30 formulations are commonly used in eye drops, and Kollidon® 90F is preferred in solutions for contact lenses. A unique feature of povidone is their ability to form complexes with the active substances, so that they can be an effective tool to improve the dissolution of many drugs.

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