Home > Products catalogue >Excipients >Binders > Kollidon VA 64; Kollidon VA 64 Fine; PVP/VA Copolymer; Fine Copolyvidone; Copovidone; VP/VAc copolymer 60/40; copolymer of 1-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone and vinyl acetate in a ratio of 6:4 by mass; Acetic acid vinyl ester, polymer with 1-vinyl-2-pyrrolidinone; co Kollidon VA 64

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Kollidon VA 64

Copovidone,  Ph. Eur., USP
Copolyvidone, JPE
CAS №: 25086-89-9
Manufacturer : BASF
Structural formula:  

The main application is as soluble binder for granulation and as dry-binder in direct compression technology, as a film-forming agent in sprays and as pore-former in coating and taste-masking applications, as well as solubilizer in Hot Melt Extrusion processes.

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